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Letter to Members - Sep 2020

To all members,

Whilst it may have appeared to be quiet on the INSA front, myself and the executive council have been slowly chipping away at the lengthy process of re-establishing this society. In our last update, we mentioned that we were working towards the transitioning of the new name, including the necessary website, contact and banking information, which is complete. The official soft launch of INSA begins now, and on schedule.

We are proud to introduce the Intraoperative Neurophysiology Society of Asia-Pacific: Here, you will gain access to member- only content via our DISCOVERY portal. It will also enable new members to sign up online, and existing members to automate membership renewal. Our detailed 12-month roadmap is also publicly available.

Over the next few days, all existing members will receive their username and password details for access to curated quarterly content. For our launch, we are enormously thankful to A/Prof Jay Shills for providing a comprehensive lecture pertaining to the modulation of the human nervous system. This content is extremely practical for members interested in spinal cord stimulation and of course, microelectrode recording for deep brain stimulation.

Also available for our launch is a profile focused on the career and philosophy of Professor Hugues Duffau (FR). Professor Duffau is chairman of neurosurgery at Montpellier University Medical Centre in France, and has spent two decades treating lower grade glioma patients assisted with complex brain mapping to gather data and publish research that share a common theme: that the next decade of brain mapping will depend upon neurosurgeons to challenge the tenets regarding brain function.

We have an exciting roster lined up for monthly content delivery for INSA members exploring contemporary neurophysiological techniques, surgical approaches, new technologies, partnered with profiles exploring the careers of scientific, medical and industrial icons who have been extremely generous with their time. We are also in the process of establishing a quarterly ‘Controversies in Intraoperative Neurophysiology’ meeting to discuss standards of care, disparity of technique, clinical research etc. This will likely involve a special guest to moderate a divisive element of clinical practice for discussion, with proactive commentary from experts throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our executive council continues to meet on a monthly basis, and are committed to providing a platform for you to engage, collaborate and learn with other professionals in the field. This is our first offering, and we are very excited to upload more content as we progress.

We are again thankful for your continued support, and look forward to further developing this platform to share knowledge, experiences and philosophies in healthcare and clinical neurophysiology.


Ryan P. Hamer,

President, INSA

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