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Letter to Members - March 2021

To all members,

We hope you’ve each had a pleasant start to 2021, and welcome all of our new and renewed members to INSA. If you have not paid your membership fees, these are the final days to do so.

We are thankful for the feedback received thus far regarding our DISCOVERY portal, and have plenty of lecture content lined up for delivery throughout the year. First-up for the year will involve an icon of neurosurgery and intraoperative neurophysiology, discussing their career path and future directions of clinical neuroscience, with lecture material exploring spinal cord tumour surgery and brain mapping. More details to follow.

As the pandemic climate continues to evolve and improve in Australia, we will soon begin discussions as to whether or not we will be able to successfully host a domestic conference or workshops to enable collaboration and the exchange of ideas amongst practitioners of intraoperative neurophysiology. At the least, we are in discussions with our international colleagues to host APAC’s first ‘controversies in intraoperative neurophysiology’ meeting, which will not be a vehicle for scrutiny but one for healthy discussions pertaining to best practice and regulatory standards around the world and how we can best integrate these in the Asia Pacific region. You are encouraged to submit topics of interest for this public forum.

Recently, INSA has been represented at the 2nd Annual Asian Low Grade Glioma Network (ALGGN) satellite meeting, held in Hong Kong. Our very own Ast Prof Kejia Teo, Medical Officer – Neurosurgery, discussed his experiences in establishing an awake craniotomy practice and the importance of multimodal cortical mapping, and encouraged the hundreds of spectators online to contribute to the development of best practice at INSA. Thank you Prof!

We continue to explore partnerships with tertiary hospitals, academic institutions and established international societies to increase visibility of this newly re-launched society, with the overarching goal to publicly integrate a universally-agreed-upon best-practice. We are again thankful for your continued support, and look forward to further developing this platform to share knowledge, experiences and philosophies in healthcare and clinical neurophysiology.

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