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Letter to Members - July 2020

31st July, 2020

To all members,

In late-May, you received a survey proposing a change of our society’s name from the Australian Association of Intraoperative Monitoring (AAIM) to the Intraoperative Neurophysiology Society of Asia-Pacific (INSA). The results were unanimously in support of the change, which is now in effect. This survey prompted some enthusiastic conversations with members of this small but growing society, affirming my belief that there are many professionals currently active in the clinical neurophysiology field that are committed to making a difference.

Change is a natural by-product of evolution, and in this circumstance, manifested in the renaming of a scientific society.

This does not alter this group’s history, it’s accomplishments, or its goals. It has changed to better represent the interests of our constituents and increase the reach of those engaging in intraoperative neurophysiology, such as those in neuromodulation and epilepsy surgery in addition to those monitoring for spinal surgery, brainstem surgery, vascular surgery and supratentorial tumour surgery.

‘INSA’ represents a new era.

We are now working towards the transitioning of the new name, including the necessary website, contact and banking information. Following this, we will be focused on launching INSA publicly in late-September, along with several announcements pertaining to projects and partnerships.

Our executive council is meeting on a monthly basis, and are committed to providing a platform for you to engage, collaborate and learn with other professionals in the field. We are thankful for your continued support, and look forward to launching this platform built for establishing best- practice as we gravitate towards regulation and accreditation in Asia-Pacific regions.

Discover IONM. Discover INSA.


Ryan P. Hamer

President, INSA

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